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Cocker Spaniels

Breeding with Love & Integrity.


Born December 12, 2023 - ready to go to furever homes February 10, 2024


Born December 21, 2023 - ready to go to furever homes February 18, 2024

Meet the Parents


Stryder is an AKC registered blue merle American Cocker Spaniel from Iowa, and the primary male of the pack. He is sweet and loveable, loves to cuddle and give affection. He is so intelligent it’s scary at times. While he’s a bit on the smaller side for Males his heart is “huge”. He loves kids, adults and all that fall in between. He produces many colour variations in is offspring, including the odd chocolate merle. He is a very interested and hands on dad to the babies, and helps in their rearing as they age. Stryder is very strong willed and yes at times very stubborn. 

My favourite things are: 

Growling no matter what my mood is, it’s my love language; treats; all the toys are mine.

purebred merle cocker spaniels
purebred merle cocker spaniels airdrie alberta


Pistachio is an unregistered Red and White female. She is sweet and shy girl who LOVES baby puppies. She enjoys long walks and playing in the yard with any and all of her toys, but mostly she loves treats and would eat them all day long while watching daytime TV from the top of the sofa if she could. Otherwise she would spend her days in the neighbours yard playing with their kids, whom she adores (maybe that’s where her love of puppies comes from). Like C-C her tail is undocked.

My favourite things are: 

Treats, treats, treats; new born puppies no matter who’s the mama.


C-C is the eldest female of the pack. She may be the sweetest female ever. She enjoys playing with humans and canines alike. She has yet to meet a human she doesn’t want to kiss. She is very intelligent and affectionate. C-C is on the larger side of female Cockers, and is Solid Black Cocker (she does however carry the chocolate or liver gene as she has produced a chocolate merle baby). She is a very affectionate and caring mother to her babies. Her beauty, as with many black dogs, does not always come through in pictures, and this has been expressed by many who see her picture before they meet her. C-C is unregistered and her tail is undocked. Of the whole pack C-C is the most loyal to me.

My favourite things are: 

Cuddling on the coach with Kevin or the rest of the pack; barking at anyone who thinks the sidewalk in front of the house is free to use.


Puff is a wonderful AKC registered female from Iowa. She is a classically beautiful cocker gal with great form and face. She is very playful and loves playing with the other girls of the pack as well as any puppies that are around. She also loves to give her human companions so very many kisses. She’s always excited to meet new humans so she can kiss and play with them, except the vet she could do without them if she had her choice. Puff is probably the pup most connected to me.

My favourite things are: 

Playing in the yard; car rides, treats and playing with Moro.


I love little Moro, the puppy who just won’t move out of his parents’ home. He is the son of Stryder and C-C, and just ever so sweet. LOVES to play with his aunts and mommy, but mostly likes to growl back at his daddy. Who knows where life will take him, but for now he’s comfortable living here and eating me out of house and home.

My favourite things are: 

That I never had to leave mommy and daddy; cuddling with Kevin; playing with Puff! 

Dandelion Fields

The Caregiver

Hi my name is Kevin

Who is the real owner me or the dogs? I mean I pay the bills, I do the clean-up and I pay for the food and fill the dishes, but I am not the boss. 


I thought I was buying a house for me and the dogs, in fact I bought it for the dogs and they let me on the couch if I’m good.My dogs have free roam of the house and are only kenneled for their safety as needed.

Our litters are all hand raised, and when needed hand fed, once they are mobile they are kenneled when humans are not able to be present (they are camera monitored and help is but a call away) otherwise they are also able to roam around, exploring and socializing with dogs and humans (kids, teens and adults).

I am a Canadian Army Veteran as well as a former Correctional Officer who suffered PTSD for years, my dogs gave me the support I needed until I sought proper treatment. Even then the dogs helped push me forward, all dogs are service animals it’s just that some are plain clothes. This has given me the purpose of breeding and raising awesome Cocker Spaniels to help bring joy, and emotional support for others to benefit from.

I am willing to work with prospective buyers in areas of purchase cost and selecting the best puppy for them. 

breeder of purbred merle cocker spaniel puppies

Wait List

Join our wait list for upcoming litter for a nominal fee of $100.
Fill out the below contact form and include your ideal sex and colour and I will be in touch. 

This fee will be applied to the cost of purchasing a puppy when and if this occurs. 

I know that not every litter brings us what we want (i.e., limited numbers of females) as such you will be allowed to move this fee to the next litter up to a max. of 2 future litters, if still unable to satisfy the buyers preference the fee will be forfeited to Gryphon American Cocker Spaniels.

purbred merle cocker spaniel puppies

209 Ravensmoor Link SE     Airdrie, AB  T4A 0J8 


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